Hornady's RAPiD Safe:

Securing Home Defense Handguns for Quick Retrieval

Hornady Rapid Safe

by Joe Gorman

You all ready know home-defense handguns needs to be both secure AND accessible. Here's an eminently viable solution.

Keeping a handgun in your home for self defense is a wise strategy, but it must at the same time be kept away from children and from thieves. That said, the problem with most safes and storage boxes is that access is ponderously slow when seconds count. And frankly, that defeats the purpose for keeping a handgun handy.

Salvation is found with Hornady's new, heavy-duty, 2700 RAPiD safe XL that utilizes RFID to allow quick access (under one second) to open a secure revolver, or a full size duty pistol. In the interests of due diligence, I recently tested the unit.

Hornady Rapid Safe

Programing the supplied key fob, wristband, and stickers was straight forward and took all of one minute. RAPiD safe runs on standard household current and battery backup (4 AA batteries) that can also function as the primary power source. Inside the RAPiD safe resides a padded RAPiD sleeve that presents handguns at the perfect angle. The RAPiD sleeve is removable, enabling storage of most Revolvers with barrels as long as 6-inches to fit as snug as a bug, so to speak.

RAPiD safe opens with the previously-mentioned RFID bracelet, card, or key fob, or in the alternative, with a personally programmed code. If all else fails, Hornady includes a suspenders plus belt remedy, namely, two old-school keys which allow access. Upon unlocking, the Hornady RAPiD safe springs wide open. Construction is heavy duty as evidenced by RAPiD safe weighing more than 15-pounds. It features wrapped, 16-gauge steel construction and a heavy-duty 1/4" steel dual-lug locking system. A 39-inch, 1,500 lb.-rated cable secures the safe to an immobile object for additional theft protection.

For the record, Hornady recommends against storing loaded firearms in any safe. And naturally it follows, one ought to follow local laws for firearm storage. Suffice it to say that if you keep a handgun for home defense you need this safe!

Exterior: 15 1/2" x 9" x 3 1/2"
Interior: 11"x 8"x 3"
Weight: 15.65 lbs
Price: $275.20

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