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RUGER MODEL NUMBER:36900 Specifications
CaliberWinchester 350 Legend
StockBlack Synthetic
CapacityFive (5)
Overall Length42-inches
Model OptionRight-Handed
Thread Pattern1/2"-28 x 0.4"
Length of Pull 13.75"
Sights None - One Piece Picatinny Scope Base Installed
Magazine AR-Style
5 Rounds
Rifling GroovesFive (5)
1 in 16 twist
Barrel Length22-inches
Barrel FinishMatte Black
Barrel MaterialAlloy Steel
Weight6.6 pounds

Cartridge Particulars

350 legend cartrige cutaway

A Cutaway View of the Winchester 350 Legend: Bullet, Case and 41 Grain Powder Charge

The 350 Legend, engineered with hunters and sport shooters in mind, is the fastest straight-walled hunting cartridge in the world. Also worthy of note, with ballistics similar to the .30-30 Winchester cartrdige .350 Legend recoil is notably mild, and muzzle blast pleasantly minimal. Its low recoil comes from sharing the same case head and powder capacity as a .223 Remington (21 grains). While not as long-range of a perfomer as the 30-30 Winchester cartridge, .350 Legend's mid-range level between 200 and 400 yards is excellent. Simply put, high-performing 350 Legend dominates in velocity, energy, recoil and affordability.

350 Winchester cartridge

Caliber Winchester 350 Legend = 165 Grain Hornady Ammunition


joe lipsey profile photo

In 1943, Joe Lipsey Senior, started the family business with the purchase of Steinberg’s, a hide and fur business in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Steinberg's Sport Center expanded to carry an assortment of firearms, ammunition, hunting, and fishing supplies. This legendary hunting and fishing department store and museum served as a sportsman’s paradise in Louisiana for over 40 years. The Ruger Lipsey Predator rifle was inspired by the man, the legend.